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Welcome to Poem Enterprise.

The art of bone carving is as old as the human civilization but a few were gifted with the talent to bring life to these dead bones and transform them to pieces of art. The present website is a salute to our ancestors, master craftsmen from whom we inherited this trade. The present company was established in the year 1984 as a cottage industry. Today we are proud to be one of the largest suppliers of the raw, semi finished, finished cattle bone & horn, in all possible sizes, colors and forms. Our present infrastructure is equipped with all the facilities required to handle export orders.In order to be able to ensure timely dispatches we keep large volumes of raw material in stock.

With years of experience, catering to the demands of the overseas buyers, we have learnt the value of the quality control, proper packing, precision, consistency in quality and competitive rates. We also assure full trade secrecy and exclusivity for the products designed to the specific demands of our valuable customers. We wish to mention here that these are all natural media products and therefore there cannot be a 100% consistency in quality and there will always be a room for tolerance. It is a peculiarity of mother Nature that it makes things similar, but with a difference it never made any two things exactly like the other.

As the Indian Government ban on Stag Horn Products, and the water Buffalo Horn Products are the substitute of above ban products. Itis the culminaton of our extensive experience of wide knowledge of their field. While considerding and looking the overseas international market trend with necessary customer requirement and fullfilment. We are the sole manufacutrer of the water Buffalo Horn products and able to survive our ancestral business network. Quality of our products with 100% satisfaction should be confirm by purchasing our products with reasonable rates.






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